The Lyceum

The Lyceum at St Vladimir’s Seminary: a Father Georges Florovsky Library Service

To better embody The Father Georges Florovsky Library’s mission to engage students and faculty at all levels of life at St Vladimir’s Seminary, the library offers a service known as “The Lyceum.” Named after the classical philosophical institution of ancient Greece made famous by Aristotle, The Lyceum attempts to encourage student participation in various library services as they cultivate the academic skills needed to make the most of their time at St Vladimir’s Seminary. The library provides space for one-on-one consultation and group meetings connected to The Lyceum, which further encourages student use of the library’s facilities. Additionally, through hosting bi-annual writing and reading workshops, it provides another touch point for the library to engage faculty outside the classroom in a way that positively impacts what occurs within the classroom.

The Lyceum’s Mission

The Lyceum is a resource that provides a setting for students to hone and improve their academic thinking, writing, and presentation skills. Its fundamental purpose is to foster a marketplace of ideas and promote intellectual inquiry among the student body, thereby aiding students in their journey to cultivate their own unique contributions to course work, parish life, academic conferences, and/or publications. To facilitate this purpose, The Lyceum offers various forms of one-on-one consultation, as well as group events, ranging from the writing process—thesis construction, outlining, drafting, revising—to attention and refinement of various communication skills: written and oral, academic and pastoral, including guidance in basic and advanced grammar, diction, and style. 

Students can:

  • Make an appointment for one-on-one consultation. Services offered include space for free-form ideas and thesis formation (i.e. a place to “bounce ideas around"), basic editing of outlines or drafts, paper tutorials, aid in grammar and style, and so on. 
  • Request a presentation group to receive feedback from peers on paper drafts or papers in preparation for some form of publication.
  • Seek aid in research skills from finding and discerning sources to proper use in academic writing. 
  • Attend bi-annual workshops led by scholars to gain tips and insights into intellectual life and work at St Vladimir’s Seminary and beyond.

Please see The Lyceum on the Student Union page for resources on academic writing. 


Fridays, 1PM-3PM and by appointment. 

Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to set up an appointment.