Donors & Donations 

The Fr Georges Florovsky Library accepts donations of theological books in good physical condition. Please contact the librarian before making a donation to the seminary to discuss whether it will be a fruitful addition to the library's collection. The library will send a letter acknowledging the donation for tax purposes and provide a list of items in the donation if needed. Selections will be made from the donation for the library. Items not needed at St Vladimir's Seminary will be distributed to other Eastern Orthodox libraries: St Herman Theological Seminary (Kodiak, AK), St Nersess Armenian Seminary (Armonk, NY), St Tikhon’s Orthodox Theological Seminary (South Canaan, PA), Holy Cross Greek Orthodox Seminary (Brookline, MA) and Antiochian Village Library (Ligonier, PA). 
Here is a list of some personal libraries that were donated to our library over the years:

Donations from former faculty Donations from alumni, clergy, and laymen   
Dr Georges Barois Ivan Michaelson Czap
Alexander Bogolepov Fr John Leonard
Dr John Boojamara John Kolchin
Fr John Erickson Fr Paul Lutov 
Fr Georges Florovsky Metropolitan Makary
Fr Thomas Hopko Dr Jaroslav Pelikan
Veselin Kesich A. Photius Pentikis
Archbishop Peter L'Hullier Fr Anthony Repella
Fr John Meyendorff Fr Stephen Upson
Dr Nicholas Ozerov  Fr Alexander Warneke
Fr Alexander Schmemann  
Serge Verhovskoy