Library Regulations

Rules and Privileges 

Reading and borrowing privileges are ex­tended to all residents of the academic community, which are subject to the rules and regulations of the Library:

  • Eating, drinking, and smoking are not permitted in the reading room, the stacks, or any other rooms in the Library.  
  • No books, bags, etc are allowed in the stacks. 
  • No doors should ever be propped open. 
  • Room 134 is used for multimedia purposes and storage.  Patrons are welcome to store their personal items in Room 134 while using the library.
  • Alumni are able to enjoy reading privileges in the Library and may apply to obtain borrowing privileges, subject to payment of an administrative fee of $50 per semester/summer.
  • Remote thesis completion will be supported by the library in the following ways: copies of journal articles and mailing of materials (at cost) and InterLibrary Loan

Library Policies regarding Books, Study Carrels and Hours 


All books leaving the stacks or reserve shelf must be checked out, no matter how short the duration of use. Neither faculty, students, or alumni is allowed to remove a book from the library without following the proper check-out procedure. The student handbook clearly states that taking books out of the stacks without checking them out is subject to disciplinary action. 

Study Carrels and Tables 

Study carrels may be reserved on a semester-by-semester basis but only by visiting scholars and full-time ThM students, up to a limit of eight carrels per semester. Visiting scholars are assigned carrels by the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, if requested. ThM students who would like to reserve a carrel must apply for the carrel through the ThM Program Director and the librarian. Reserved carrels will be clearly marked. Personal items must not be left unattended in a carrel, even in reserved carrels. Students who use unreserved carrels must remove all items from the desk surface after each use or when away from the carrel for more than 15 minutes. Gray plastic bins are available in the library to store these items. However, personal items (laptops, etc.) should not be left unattended and should never be left in the library overnight. 

Restriction of Library Access  

When a student does not follow the rules in the library, is not a responsible library patron, and does not communicate with the librarian, the librarian has the right to reduce the number of books allowed in circulation and even to restrict circulation privileges altogether. Abuse of the library includes, but is not limited to:

  • Failure to check-out and return items, ignoring due dates, and failure to renew items
  • Failure to pay fines promptly
  • Failing to responding to emails
  • Failing to return books when requested to do so, particularly when leaving the SVS community on a leave of absence

Use of the Library in the Summer after Graduation 

Graduates who will be remaining on campus after graduation may request circulation privileges for summer months at no cost.


As an alternative to requesting materials by ILL, SVS patrons can physically visit the New York Area Libraries belonging to NYATLA (New York Area Theological Libraries Association ) for on-site use only. See the SVS Librarian for a listing of addresses, hours of operation, phone #s, etc. Some will allow on-site use of the library, but please call ahead to check on access and hours.

Copy/Scanning Services

A copy machine is available in the library and the cost is $0.10 per copy.  A change machine has been provided in the copy area for your use which exchanges $1, $5, $10 and $20 bills for quarters. Visitors and patrons also have access to a scanner for digitizing documents and pictures. Visitors must consult a librarian in order to have access to the scanner.

Microfilm/AV Services

A microform reader/printer is located next to the copy machine. Present your call slip request to the circulation desk and a staff member will retrieve the materials and give you instructions on the use of the equipment. Copies are $.10 per frame.