ATLA Database

The ATLA Religion Database is an extensive resource for theological research.  EBSCOhost, the company that manages the database, boasts that it “includes more than 620,000 article citations from more than 1,746 journals (575 currently indexed), more than 250,000 essay citations from over 18,000 multi-author works, more than 570,000 book review citations, and a growing number of multimedia citations.” In addition to this wealth or information, the Library also subscribes to ATLASerials, which provides “more than 380,000 electronic articles and book reviews” in full-text. 

To help our users utilize this vast resource, we compiled a list (see below) of journals that are part of the Seminary’s collection in print and also included in the ATLA Religion Database/ATLA Serials.  We still subscribe to some of these journals while others have been discontinued or are acquired on a semi-regular basis through donations.  The date range in the third column of this list applies to what is available in the database.  If there is a year with an open hyphen that means the journal is available up to the most current issue. To view our holdings in print, click on the link in the fourth column that says “OPAC Record”. These links will bring you directly to the record for that periodical in our online catalog.

We encourage users to take the following steps while using this database:
  1. Consult the list below to see what journals are available in ATLA Religion Database/ATLA Serials. Make note of their format (citation or full-text) and their duration in the database.

  2. Search the database using whatever information you have (Ebsco has a useful guide with search tips). There is a search engine in the center of the homepage that can be used for keywords, titles, or authors. To perform more advanced searches, make use of the fields further down the page for limiting your findings by the journal name, year, format, publication type, and peer-reviewed serials. You can also browse through journals by clicking on the "Publications" tab at the top of the homepage.The "Scripture" and "Index" tabs are also useful for browsing publications by subject or biblical scholarship. For further assistance with these features, watch these video tutorials

  3. If you find something in full-text, simply download the publication as a PDF. A publication that is only available only as a citation is also be useful because it provides bibliographical information and in some cases, an abstract of the piece. Use that information to search through our online catalog to see if we have the right volume or issue in print.  Again, to view our print holdings for a particular periodical, just click on the link that says "OPAC Record" in the last column.

  4. If the volume or issue you need is not available in our collection, then fill out an Interlibrary Loan form and we will request a copy from another library.
Access to the ATLA Religion Database/ATLA Serials is also available for alumni and students currently enrolled in courses who do not live on campus.  Access to this database requires a username and password so please contact a librarian for that information.  Interlibrary Loan is not available for alumni, but if you need something that is only available in print, we would be happy to scan and send the article or book review to you at no cost.  Please contact a librarian if you have any questions.