While the primary purpose of our library is academic, by virtue of its unique collection of materials on the Orthodox Church, it is also a research and special collections library. The library must not only collect materials needed by the patrons, but must anticipate the needs of patrons in twenty, thirty or fifty years from now. Our acquisitions budget plays a big role in developing the collection with current theological literature, but we welcome donations of personal libraries from anyone.  Here is a list of some personal libraries that were donated to our library over the years:
                 Donations from  former faculty                
Dr. Georges Barois
Alexander Bogolepov
Dr. John Boojamara
Fr. John Erickson
Fr. Georges Florovsky
Fr. Thomas Hopko
Veselin Kesich
Archbishop Peter L'Hullier
Fr. John Meyendorff
Dr. Nicholas Ozerov
Fr. Alexander Schmemann
Serge Verhovskoy
Donations from alumni, clergy, and laymen   
Ivan Michaelson Czap
Fr. John Leonard
John Kolchin,
Fr. Paul Lutov
Metropolitan Makary
Dr. Jaroslav Pelikan
A. Photius Pentikis
Fr. Anthony Repella
Fr. Stephen Upson
Fr. Alexander Warneke